Alleaume Jacques


Alleaume Jacques
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late 16th / early 17th century ?
An engineer who, after a period of exercise in the United Provinces obtained a charge as ‘Ingenieur du Roi’ with emoluments varyhing between 1200 and 1600 livres between 1606 and 1626 and a logement in the Louvre, (1) Alleaume is cited by Didier Henrion (2) as making a ‘compas de proportion aux pointes’. He is probably to be identified with the Huguenot, Jacques Alleaume (or Aleaume, 1562-1627), who was well-known to Peiresc and to Mersenne. In 1625 he was mathematics tutor to Gaston d'Orléans with an annual salary of 600 livres. A compass for mechanically dividing up the circumference of a circle devised by him is mentioned by Wilibrod Snell (3), and he wrote a treatise on perspective published posthumously in which a scale for angles which he had invented is described. This instrument was cited by the opponents of Desargues as an example of plagiarism by the latter. In August 1621, Peiresc reported seeing burning mirrors of irregular spherical form in Alleaume’s premises at the Louvre (4), and in a letter to Gassendi of 2 February 1634, he recorded his memories of a machine devised by Alleaume for giving parabolic form to glass burning mirrors (5). The making of the mirrors that interested Alleaume however, as of his machine, seems to have been carried out for him, perhaps in collaboration, by Jean Ferrier (q v) (6). Peiresc was much upset by his death and deeply disturbed to have missed acquiring his books, papers and instruments. Among these were papers of Viète, some elaborate dip and declination needles and the manuscript of a work on telescopes and mirrors (7). It was on the advice of Alleaume that Edmund Wingate dedicated his book on the logarithmic scale rule to Gaston d’Orléans (8). He was buried in the reformed cemetery at Charenton 3 October 1627.
Notes biographiques
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Perspective speculative et pratique…, Paris 1643 (edited by Etienne Migon).
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Galeries du Louvre Paris