Many people, probably far more than we can remember here, have helped with this work over the past decades. Particular thanks must go to Hélène Chaudoreille for agreeing to incorporate the Dictionary into the ‘PSL-Explore’ portal of  Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL), and her colleague Laurent Aucher for his heroic efforts in converting our first amateur data-base into an exploitable form.

Our thanks also to the late Anita McConnell and Alison Morrison-Low who have supplied many a goodly gobbet of information over the years:

To Olivier Sauzereau for details of makers in Nantes:

To Henri Chamoux for an invaluable list of bankrupted makers:

To Sylvie Taussig for advice on our translations of Latin inscriptions:

and to the many others who have supplied details and information: Jean-Michel Faidit,

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