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The NAROO program

New Astrometric Reduction of Old Observations
Centre for the digitization of astro-photographic plates and reduction of old data.

The NAROO digitization centre is a project resulting from the work of IMCCE and IPSA researchers. It is built with a new sub-micrometric digitizer at Paris observatory, in Meudon, dedicated to the measurement of astro-photographic plates and the analysis of old observations.

  NAROO logo.   NAROO digitizing machine.  
If you want to receive all informations from NAROO centre, proposal dates, etc., just send an email to NAROO Infos to register our mailing list.

Examples of digitizations:

  NAROO first light, April 2019.   M75 star cluster, Schmidt ESO.  
  Precovery (1982) of 2006 SU49.   M8, M20, M21 objects, Juvisy.